dean is such a mother hen

Festis bei umo canavarum

Festis bei umo canavarum

thinkin ‘bout life…

that t-rex in tomb raider fucked me up. that fucked me up.

hugahalf-elf replied to your post: “hugahalf-elf replied to your post: “man i ship seb x hawke like…”:
avery is pretty much in love with everyone soooooo yeah.

i love that about da2, you can have everyone in love with everyone! expect aveline, haha

hugahalf-elf replied to your post: “man i ship seb x hawke like burning”:
me. too. it hurts me so much esp when he says that line after anders does the thing “if it had been me in there you wouldn’t think twice about killing him” or something and i’m just like /internal screaming

gosh they’re a cute couple!

i always headcanoned that seb had a thing for morgan and morgan kinda had a thing back but she was madly in love with anders so would never even consider it and seb was ok with that except for the times he wasn’t like when anders killed his mother figure

//ahh the glorious angst

gonna cook some two min noodles because they are good for ya in a ‘there there nice’ way


party dlc deleted scene

Nightmares? Insomnia? Both? But you made it there. :)

both! but i was so tired i overslept haha. i never usually miss appointments. i made it anyway! 

man i ship seb x hawke like burning

It claims each man as it will.

besides…. sleipnir is already in the goddamn movie, it’s the steed odin rides when he rescues them from the frost giants in the very first movie.

if i had a dollar for every ‘haha loki fucked a horse and had sleipnir with it haha i am the only person in the world who has a cursory knowledge of norse mythology NO ONE ELSE GETS THE JOKE HAHA LOOK I R SMARTER THAN U’ photoset i saw on tumblr since thor came out i would be so rich

not like norse mythology existed before a character became popular or books are a thing or anything…

what a shitty sleep i had!

and then i was 15 mins late to my appointment because i slept in

oh me


mrsalenko i was going through your skyrim tag and i noticed you watch/still watch that gross ass MMOxReview or w/e it is

might i suggest looking into brodual instead? its really awesome, theres no skimpy female armor mods, theres no misogyny, theres no constant killing of female companions/characters!

yeah but everyone else i find so boring i start to nod off. he’s a immature dude but at least his videos are mildly interesting and sometimes have mods i haven’t seen a million times ahah

don’t get me wrong, he is a sexist and like gross, but wow most other skyrim mod reviews are like continuous monotonous droning in my ear haha. i dont sub to him tho because i refuse to give him numbers and dont watch regularly