AMD or Nvidea? I might have a stutter fix if you use amd like me. It cleared mine from unplayable to basically no stuttering on skyrim.

AMD too! thanks, i would appreciate it! it’s only gotten bad lately and i have no idea why

like im happy to play at only 30fps with performance heavy enbs like i usually do

but lately it’s dipping from 30 to 7 and all over the place for no reason and big stutters

exhaustedapostate replied to your photo:
share all the mods. I must have this


top you can get here: it’s a retex of a mod called ‘rozalind cosplay’ (raven is the best. it’s just a shame i have a hard time with russian lol (google translate is my friend)) im having a hard time fidning the specific post rn but its there

and her face is a custom retext, but based on jay’s amazing textures you can get on his flickr since he kindly shared them

skirt is just from ‘combination vanilla armor’ on the nexus and she’s using kinoko pose also on nexus 

that’s it basically! :)

oh and ks hairs obvs too

Mass Effect 3 squad members on the Normandy

kimmy said she would get me a hamburger tonight for dinner! so excite. i get excited about different food cos i just tend to eat taters lol

99% certain stutter is being caused by bad enb settings  HMMM

working on fixing em

i dont get why my skyrim is stuttering lately :(

i have a good cpu and graphics card and its fine in other games argh

mydappereviltwin replied to your post: “i love my day glo nirnroot lol”:
I’ll say it again. ELECTRIC ARGONIAN!

still the best term for a color i have ever heard

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I always get annoyed when stuff I spend time on like gifs doesn’t get notes so I’m being evil and experimenting with using tags like ‘water’ ‘nature’ so all those hippies go for it

damn hippies

evryone should have a springy

i dont know what id do without my springy :O

so i woke up in a terrible hayfeverish mood this morning but i have since improved with some tablets and some rea and an orange and a shower and ive come back around to good mood, yay!

how are you all today?

sweeet outfit!!!!!!!

sweeet outfit!!!!!!!

i love my day glo nirnroot lol